Soulular Clarity


Soulular Clarity is a way of living in alignment with your true nature.  Through toning and energetic vibrations moving through Karen’s body, she tunes an individual’s frequency to their soul’s purpose. This alignment opens the door for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wholeness.  Soulular Clarity is based on the spiritual laws of the universe which are the foundation of all spiritual teachings.  The science of Quantum Physics has demonstrated that our thoughts create our reality. Through Soulular Clarity, Karen Lovelien intuitively reveals and shifts the unconscious thoughts, cellular memories, patterns and energies that often have a greater impact on the out picturing of one’s life than conscious thoughts.  These cellular memories can be from childhood, ancestral patterns, past lives, or invasive energies from other dimensions.  Karen identifies and releases the energies from the cells or energy fields and replaces them with energies that are in alignment with an individual’s soul purpose.  This opens the door for the individual to take ownership of his or her life.   Soulular Clarity energetic practices provide a pathway for new choices and the opportunity to live in alignment with one’s true nature.

In an open-hearted state of active meditation/prayer, Karen uses love as an opening to the flow of infinite knowledge. This practice has developed into a vibrational energy language of Light that is understood in all frequencies.  By working through inner guidance in the present moment, Karen tunes into a person’s body to identify energies that are interfering with an individual’s health or well being.  Through intra-dimensional dialog Karen opens the door for the energies that are out of alignment to be transmuted and lifted.  The thought forms and life patterns associated with these blocks are identified.  Then she provides clarity and training for new choices, so new life patterns can unfold.  Most often the energies hindering a person’s alignment with their soul’s purpose are unconscious.  This process brings the limitations to light, removes the blocks from the body and attunes the cells to the individual’s true vibration, resulting in the opportunity for the body to heal itself.

A critical component of Soulular Clarity is an energetic technology that developed through Karen over the last 25 years.  Simple energetic practices allow individuals to move forward with their gifts in the world while maintaining balance and clarity.


Fred & Karen at Machu Picchu

Karen Lovelien & Fred Boshardt are portals of the Sirius Living Light Their work with the planet began when Karen & Fred were in meditation; powerful crystal temples  opened in the Mancos Valley, Colorado.  They continued to travel to locations around the world to activate the crystals in the land and create pillars of light connecting the core of the planet, through their bodies to Sirius or one of 15 other pulsar stars.  After activating nearly 200 sites, the final activation of the entire planet happened in ceremony connecting to a specific location in Tibet on October 12, 2013.  They, with the support of many light workers, ‘flipped the switch’ for the entire planet to vibrate at the 5th dimensional frequency of pure love. The vibration of the land initiates the transformational shift that supports individuals in discovering and activating their true nature.  Karen Lovelien and Fred Boshardt support these individual shifts by providing education through seminars, speaking engagements and interactive retreats.  The purpose is to foster conditions through the environment, the programs, and experiences in nature that allow individuals to shift from their internal ‘NO’ to resonating in a clear ‘YES’ to life, providing an opening to the discovery and sharing of their infinite potential.


“Karen & Fred bring in a very pure, crystalline quality of frequencies through your ever awakening hearts. As their work has called them both to step into the big vision, it seems there is an ever constant light flowing through their multidimensional vessels.  What amazes me is the beauty, gentleness and, yes, elegance of spirit, and humanity in their ‘style’.”    Michela Zanchi, Italy

“I started working with Karen in 2001. I did not have a nice, neat, quantifiable specific problem other than I knew I did not feel well physically, emotionally and mentally and I knew that underlying the ill feelings was something much deeper than chronic physical ailments and symptoms. I was experiencing the same life problems over and over again with different people playing the same character roles. I wasn’t living a life I wanted to live. I had experienced many experiences that I could not understand and could not find satisfying explanations for over the years. An acquaintance handed me Karen’s name and phone number. Immediately I felt the pureness of love and acceptance without judgment. Something that I had learned about in religious doctrine but never experienced in my current body and mind. I had no idea of the journey that I would experience with Karen. Whenever I turned to look back over my shoulder; not sure I could step forward into the unknown with a new faith and trust, Karen’s voice and anchored love from Spirit was right there calling me forward and helping me to move in the direction that best serves. With Karen, I learned many valuable tools to help me on this journey through life. Now, many years later, I am pleasantly surprised to find continued and new ways to use those valuable tools and I call Karen every now and again to get a few of those tools sharpened. Universal truths are truly, Universal. Thank you Karen for being one of my Teachers.”   Linda Lowry, Maryland

“Karen is an extraordinary counselor and educator. She cares intensely for those with whom she works yet she never loses her sense of professionalism. She accomplishes what must be done by applying her unique gifts, with grace, intelligence and compassion, thus I always felt it was on my behalf. I shall continue calling upon her when it is appropriate.” Rev. Nancy Zala, California

“I have done three sessions with Karen since meeting her in June, 2011. They were all profound experiences in their own right, and many profound changes have followed them. While I can’t make direct “cause & effect ” statements about the sessions with Karen, I know that the work I’ve done with her is an important part of the life changes I’m experiencing. I intuitively trust her as a person in alignment with her word, and her true self.”
Robert Olofson, California

“Karen brings to her work a depth, breadth and experience of energy practices and spiritual practices that are a profound asset to those working with her.Of special interest is her amazing wealth of spiritual stories, depicting her adventures and knowledge in a way that brings wonderful understanding to those listening. Her presence of holding space for those she works with is a gift!”  Dana Shino, Paonia, CO

“I enlisted Karen to work with me during a difficult time in my life. I found my experience with her to be life changing and extremely insightful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for answers to where they are in life and solutions to moving upward and onward!!”  Cindy Burdette, Colorado

“I can’t say enough about how significantly Karen’s work has helped open up the process of self- healing and restoration for me.  She works as a sort of Midwife, facilitating the transition and deliverance of heavy burdens, while honoring the fact that my system knows what to do, and that healing is natural part of everyone’s process.  It is as profound and empowering as any birth experience to witness life bringing forth life.  It’s the way we are designed, it’s in our nature, and I have never felt so beautiful.”  Charis Charistopoulos, Colorado     See how Charis experienced the intuitive healing process Karen uses in her practice, Soulular Clarity, in the Blog Post “Karen as a Midwife – A Client Shares”

“Wow, been an amazing 10 days or so. So much is happening, so much good information is coming, so much is unfolding, so much is easing… so much is just moving!! yay!!  It’s a great movement that is happening for me, and I am sooooooo happy!! And open!! Thanks for all your help & support.”     Kathy Hampton, Colorado