Remember When? to What Now?

Ahhh, those fond memories.  I have been spending several days cleaning, clearing, and cleansing.  It began when, in a meditation, I was shown to clear everything from our home that was not supporting movement forward.  Yikes!

With agreement from my partner, I started with our office, first the files and then the storage supply closet.  I was to leave half of the closet empty for what is to come, the gifts not yet revealed.  It is amazing how much paper had accumulated!  Old files that needed to be saved were moved to a separate storage area out of the office and the remainder carried out in the garbage bags filled with pens that no longer write, old computer programs, etc.  Pictures on the wall shifted and crystals found their new home in the office.  With half of the closet almost empty in anticipation for what is to come, the desk piles nearly gone and the corners cleaned, the office came alive!

In 1995 I went through similar process, when I was guided to go through my home, piece by piece, even paper by paper.  That time I was shown to clear by asking a simple question of each item:  Is it precious or essential?  I kept only those items that were precious or essential.  The essential items found a place in my home, i.e. scissors had one location so when I needed them I knew where to go.  The precious items were set aside.  All other items went into piles: to give to friends, to donate, to toss out.  At the end of each day I carried the bags out to the car to deliver to their new homes.

When I completed this process, I sat with the precious pile, which included gifts I had received, photos, drawings from my children, etc.  Looking at the gifts I realized that I had not properly appreciated the essence of many of the gifts, often the heart centered intent that came with it.  I spent time with each one opening my heart to the giver in gratitude, finally fully accepting the gift. With most of the gifts feeling complete after they had been properly accepted, the precious items, including the most precious photos went into two hat boxes for safe keeping.

It was over a year before the intent or should I say the gift, of the guidance became clear.  Within that year I was also guided to move to Colorado, given a specific location with quadrants of longitude and latitude, and my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer.  With my desire to support my sister and to also follow the powerful spiritual guidance to relocate, the gift of the earlier cleansing was time.  I would have never been able to be present for her and move if the home had not been cleared.

This time the direction for the clearing had yet another focus: to let go of the old and move forward into becoming a greater expression of me.  As I moved through the closets and drawers of my home what I had been holding on to became clear: old memorabilia, life patterns, habits and an old ways of being.  It became clear that it is now time for me, and for so many others, to clear the path for what is seeking to emerge through us.  Now is the time to dance forward with each step engaging the part of us that can only be revealed as we consciously choose to move into possibilities beyond what we have experienced or even know as possible.  In this process of clearing I found myself in forgiveness in one moment and then dancing in new possibilities the next!

What gifts have been revealed so far?  The actual process and the new insights revealed were the first gift.  Actively embracing this process shifted the energy in our home and activated and cleared a place within me creating a greater capacity to open to so much more creative expression now emerging.  The memories are still important and they can be held in the heart.  The clear message is to continue to move forward into the unknown for the blessings are discovered with each new step.

As I treasure the memories without holding on to what was, the path forward becomes more clear.  I can now shift from “Remember When?” to the child like anticipation of “What Now?”