Out of the Box

What aspect of you knows the truth for you, your mind or your heart?  Most of us spend our lives ‘figuring life out’ or trying to ‘make it work’.  The mind is very powerful.  We have learned to skillfully use it to create the lives we now know.   The mind weighs the outcome of past choices or experiences and considers what seems possible.  On the other hand, we have all had times our hearts have cracked open with a new insight or realization that seems to resonate in every cell of our bodies.  Our hearts take us beyond what seems possible into realms of infinite potential.

Our culture, educational system, and business environment have trained us to be skilled thinkers.  Now is the time to become masters of the heart, developing our ability to feel, to create through the deep body centered inner knowing of instinct & intuition, and to expand our capacity to love.

Yes, it all starts with the willingness to love yourself enough to step out of the box of limitations you have created for yourself.  Are you willing to step out of the life you now know, into the unknown: that which is seeking to be revealed through you?  Where is the risk bigger: to continue your life as it now is or to become a greater expression of life by sharing the unique qualities and gifts that contain the imprint from which you were born into this life?  The reward comes as you move forward in child-like wonder into what is yet to be revealed.  The reward is a sense of inner peace and unbridled joy!

Recognizing that ‘now is now’ and ‘each now is new’, you can step into new possibilities at any moment.  How?  Through conscious choice.  If this resonates for you,  all you have to do is allow your heart to feel into the choice and then consciously make the choice, with the energy of your heart speaking through your voice, “Yes, I choose to _______________.  Then surrender your choice to God, the Love Intelligence of the Universe.  You don’t have to know how to execute your choice.  The way will be made clear.  Just listen with each step, continue to make new fresh choices, and simply be blessed.

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