Eyes Wide Open

How often do we live unconscious to the blessings that are available to us each moment?  As I write in this moment, I feel the blessing of knowledge flowing through me.  By simply honoring this now, I feel an opening… a clearing of my tendency to pull back, which has often allowed my ‘not now’ to become more real than my ‘yes now’.

The blind eye can keep us from fully experiencing the richness of life.  Take a breath, feel the oxygen enliven every cell.  Each breath is a gift.  The blessings now are real.

How do we live for the blessings?

1.  It is important that we love our current situation ‘as is’.  This acceptance opens the door for a clear path forward and new choices may become clear.

2.  Honor your life now.  Honor is a powerful energy.  When experienced with a deep heart-felt reverence, honor provides a rich sense of completion for the moment.

3.  Open to flow in gratitude for the gifts that are apparent and for those that are yet revealed.  This is an exercise in both giving gratitude and also energetically opening to receive the gifts.

4.  Open to receive the blessings by consciously choosing to own them in your body.  Open your heart allowing the blessings to flood into your body.  What a gift it is to feel the blessings flow.

I recall a time I was camping in the Sedona area with a friend and her 3 year old son.  My friend asked me to be with her son for awhile so she could meditate on Bell Rock.  He and I went for a walk.  Before long he was taken to a spot on the earth.  He called me over saying, “Feel this, it’s magic!”  I knelt down to touch the earth and asked him, “What is it?”   He looked up at me and replied, “It’s Looovvve!”

I got it!   My 3 year old teacher showed me that we too can live with eyes wide open, experiencing the blessings of each moment.

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