Karen as a Midwife – A Client Shares

I initially met Karen at the home of a mutual friend where several of us were gathered to practice and share various forms of energetic healing & body work.  I was very intrigued by the uniqueness of her giftings and clear ability to set in motion a most potent form of healing: that which comes from personal empowerment.

My first session with Karen took place by phone one snowy winter afternoon.  I called for some simple feedback about an issue I was trying to deal with all by myself.  Before I knew it, Karen was guiding me through a process of healing and restoration unlike any I have experienced before.

Using vocal frequencies, and intuitive guidance, it seemed as though she was able to tap into the various levels of my energetic and physical body, and was shown the most pertinent areas to work with at the time.  She saw the places where trauma had left its mark and was restricting the natural flow of my vital life force, thereby inhibiting the process of healing and integration which should otherwise occur naturally in a healthy physical and spiritual body.

Remarkably, she honed on life events, past and present, known and unknown to my conscious memory.  She saw that various energetic and spiritual constrictions, scars, and chords had formed and attached around particular areas of my physical body, holding trauma related thought patterns and belief systems firmly in place throughout my being. Having that trauma energy literally locked into my systems was preventing me from knowing the true peace of deep release, and the joy of unhindered clarity.
One by one she led me through a process of discovery, remembrance and integration with each life event, opened the block, allowed it to speak, and then together, we “treated” it with the Truth of Source Energy and the wisdom of my Higher Self. She then facilitated the return of the vital parts of my Essential Being that had been lost in some way to the various life events.

Now that I have a cleared system working together with the restored aspects of my personality, the natural flow of my own life force energy is circulating more freely in the previously wounded areas of my physical and energetic bodies, nourishing me back to greater health and clarity with each passing day.

“I can’t say enough about how significantly Karen’s work has helped open up the process of self- healing and restoration for me.  She works as a sort of Midwife, facilitating the transition and deliverance of heavy burdens, while honoring the fact that my system knows what to do, and that healing is natural part of everyone’s process.  It is as profound and empowering as any birth experience to witness life bringing forth life.  It’s the way we are designed, it’s in our nature, and I have never felt so beautiful.”

Catherine Charistipoulos, Durango, CO