Crop Circle: Etchilhampton July, 2011

Etchilhampton Crop Circle July,2011
Coming as Star Knowledge Through Karen Lovelien, Septemmber 26, 2011

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The Etchilhampton Crop Circle, July 2011, offers an opportunity to step out of life as we now know it into new possibilities beyond current knowledge.  In order to read crop circles, the images are horizontally flipped.  The actual imprint is facing the earth.

The image within the hexagon contains a code to stimulate our DNA for living both in the life we now know and for creating the capacity for new emerging frequencies.   The thick circle surrounding the hexagon in this crop circle represents our three dimensional way of living in the container of what is currently known.  Through a clear personal choice to be blessed by opening to life beyond current knowledge and by merging with the image through meditation, the lines outside the circle seem to  cause the hexagon to begin to spin in a counter clockwise manner.  My experience of this felt like a clearing of the cells in the brain.  This flow of energy was in the frequency of forgiveness.  It was as if the frequency held in the code within the hexagon was clearing old patterns, old judgments and the limitations created through the life journey.

The spin of the symbol activates a shift in the cellular memory.  As it spins, the triangles, as they point down, are clearing life experiences held in cellular memory that have been in the unconscious underneath  a sense that “I am not OK”.  At the same time the upward points of the triangles represent the living light, providing complete honor for the new frequencies of love that are now emerging, yet are not now fully known in this three dimensional world.

This Crop Circle is simply asking us to come to be blessed by this symbol.  We are being asked to respect life that is continually emerging.  The integration of the counter clockwise spin of the pattern in this (horizontally flipped) image, not only clears old cellular programming of the past, it brings real joy, while living in a world that is shifting out of old systems that no longer work.  New ways of living in an uncertain world are emerging as individuals become clear and are willing to move forward.

Note:  My core purpose on earth is to be a living prototype for creating life beyond current knowledge, so I may be an instrument for the global shift, providing clarity, attunement and knowledge for each one to discover and live fully activated in their life purpose.

Over 20 years ago I was gifted the ability to communicate with multiple dimensions through a universal energetic sign language.  Recently I was taken to translate messages of crop circles.  Many of the crop circles are communicating a love intelligence to support us in moving through the cosmic shifts that are now occurring.

See for more crop circle translations.  The website also provides offerings for greater clarity and alignment with your life purpose.



Crop Circle: Giants Grave, August 10, 2011

Giants Grave, Nr Oare, Wiltshire. Reported 10th August, 2011
Shared through Karen Lovelien, September 6, 2011

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Eye of Horus

The Giants Grave crop circle brings a message from Horus, one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion.  The smaller circle represents the eye of Horus, and the larger circle represents the earth moving through three levels or shifts in conscious.

The lower ray emanating from the eye of Horus in the smaller circle extends into the earth circle.  It indicates a shift from life as we know it.  Long held systems in the world are no longer working.  A full shift out of life as it is on earth will happen with a probable 30% shift in the earth’s axis.  People’s connection to the past will change as they bring their attention to creating their lives in a new way.  Yet the path forward is not yet known.

The additional two rays emanating from the ‘eye of Horus’ are showing the blessings that will unfold as we allow the internal expansion in consciousness.

The middle ray from the eye of Horus represents a consciousness shift from the expectation,  “I will be judged” to “I can live in the flow of knowledge beyond all living knowledge on earth. ”  People will start realizing that they can live without judgment as an undercurrent in their lives, and that they are OK as life becomes more clear.  Many will not know how to move forward so they will live moment to moment.  Then, more people will become OK in the place of not knowing, while realizing that new knowledge is emerging.  As new rich frequencies of love flow, all life is honored.  The blessings of creating a new way of living  will become clear.  The frequency will move into clear love with the illusion of a veil between dimensions lifted.     This shift will primarily occur from 2012-2013.

The third ray is a consciousness shift into the recognition that love is real as God’s love.  It is through this oneness with God’s  love that the higher frequencies of Divine love are clear and available for all.  It is a time for both the masculine and feminine aspects of individuals to be moving forward together in new knowledge.  It is a time for the rich life to unfold, for love will be the predominant force for creating a world that supports life for all people.  This shift will occur primarily between 2013-2015.