2012 Shift is NOW, 2/10/11

Freedom for Egypt

Can you see that the ‘2012’ shift in the collective consciousness has begun?  Yes, in the middle east, Tunisia and now Egypt.  The surprise is that it is birthing out of LOVE not WAR!  People are realizing that they have choice.  The old structures no longer support the new consciousness that is rising in the masses.  Governments around the world are nervous, seeing that people are now ready to step into new possibilities.

This new uprising came out of LOVE not WAR, a love within the citizens: for themselves, for their communities and their country. Dire predictions about the ‘2012’ starting in the middle east abound.  Yet before now, it was difficult to see that this massive heart opening would birth in the middle east, a region with centuries of war & conflict. Even the prophecies had dire predictions

‘2012 Shift’ is about a global shift in consciousness, an empowering opening within each of us. People in Egypt have realized that the time is now, not when… This shift has been happening around the world as many individuals awaken to their true nature.  People can no longer be contained in systems that were created to contain the old paradigm. With humanity now able to see beyond limitations through social media, television and other forms of communication, the borders seem to disappear.  Feel the hearts open to the possibility that the deep desire for freedom can become a reality.  The momentum has begun.  It is possible to create a world that is real for everyone, a world that actually works for everyone!

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