Gather in groups or as individuals in silence to hold the space for this powerful shift. If two or more, please sit back to back or in a circle with your spines facing inward to become a unified field. Then travel with your hearts in consciousness to the King’s Chamber in Egypt to unify with our group. Simply be blessed as you open to the flow in silence for one hour, coordinated with the time in Egypt.

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Astrological Reading by Lyn Goldberg

For the King’s Chamber Sound Ceremony on April 17, 2016 in Egypt

There is an Earth Trine of Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Taurus. Earth energy brings the transformation onto the Earth plane. Pluto is the internal change agent of bringing the unconscious-conscious. Jupiter is the quickest way to our Soul’s purpose and in Virgo that means service to Spirit.  Mercury is the communicator and so we would expect communication to be grounded and practical.

Sun is in a lose conjunction with Uranus who in this case brings electrifying change to the very fuel that we burn.  Right now the Sun/Uranus is burning Aires fuel and so new beginnings are heightened.

The Moon’s nodes which talk about what we came here to do are in Virgo and Pisces.  The north node is conjunct Jupiter and so part of the Grand Trine I describe above.  The north node is the change agent for what we came here to do. Jupiter expands the energy.  The key for the highest degree of change will have to do with aligning several things:  One is conscious choice. Next is the choice must be related to service to Spirit and finally aligning long-term. If the choice is made to bring in only love on 4/17 then the same choice must be made daily until it is the constant. In other words, sitting in the temple and bringing in only love is the first step.  The transformation happens only when we serve Spirit long term-when the going gets tough.

What was it that Ram Das said-something like sitting with his Guru in India was where he could maintain his vibration more easily than walking the streets of New York or talking with his Father.  That is when he needed to maintain the vibration created in his meditation.

This energy is more sweet than it is knock your socks off powerful.  Tune into the sweetness and let it align.  I’ll be thinking of you all in the pyramid.  Blessings and thank you for caring forth this energy.  Lyn



Join Karen, Fred and the group in Egypt for a powerful Sacred Sound Ceremony in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, April 17, 2016 5:30-5:30 am Cairo time, April 16, 9:30-10:30 MDT, US.  Be with us in consciousness as specific tones will reverberate throughout the cosmos in a Source Code activation of the planet, bringing forth 12th to 15th dimensional Sirius life-giving frequencies of love, clearing the way the for all to move forward into their original soul purpose.

Another powerful cosmic event took place in the Himalayas on October 12, 2013.  earth sirius
when Karen & Fred traveled with a group to Nepal for a sound ceremony .

The result:

  • All karma experienced on the planet & beyond was dissolved.
  • The entire planet was tuned to the 5th dimensional love frequency of Sirius.

Like many light workers, Karen & Fred have traveled to locations around the world over the years to take their part in preparation for a big shift.  They were guided to activate the crystals in the land in specific locations, allow the frequency created to connect with the core of the planet.  The energy would then travel through their physical bodies to Sirius or one of 15 other pulsar stars, creating a powerful pillar of Light.  After activating nearly 200 sites around the globe, the final activation of the entire planet happened in ceremony connecting the core of the planet below a specific location in Tibet to Sirius. This activation traveled through the planet to a specific location in Colorado where others were in ceremony at the same time.  From this site there was a spontaneous activation of planetary power sites, the nearly 200 sites Karen & Fred had opened and many locations that other light workers had prepared.  With many holding the space around the planet, this ceremony occurred in Nepal on October 12, 2013. They traveled to the Himalayas with 12 members of their spiritual family, led by Ka Bhotia.  They, with the support of many other light workers, ‘flipped the switch’ for the entire planet to vibrate at the 5th dimensional frequency of pure love. The vibration of the land initiates the transformational shift that supports individuals in discovering and activating their own true nature.

Two days before departing on the journey, it was revealed in meditation that there was a second purpose for the trip.  Karma, now Ka, Bhotia was to fulfill a significant life purpose during the ceremony.  He resonated with what was being asked of him and he agreed.  During the ceremony he “burned the Book of Karma” thereby dissolving all karma for all beings on the planet and those that have crossed over.  Returning from Nepal, spirits from the other side flooded our group with great gratitude, “Thank you, the weight has been lifted”.

What does this shift mean for you?

You are now free to move forward without the baggage of former lifetimes.  At this time in human history, we have the opportunity to step into our full potential.  There may be memories from past lifetimes still held in the cells of your body.  Your physical or emotional body may be feeling the shift. Through your conscious choice to tune to your true nature, to the higher frequencies of love now available on the planet, you can move forward with greater ease and grace.

The new higher frequencies of love are available to all people on the planet.  It  became clear that plants and animals would adjust to the new frequency.  Humans have free-will and therefore they need to choose to activate, and integrate the higher frequency of love.  Karen & Fred discovered that the body of work, Soulular Clarity, that came through them over the last 25 years was created for this moment in time.  The technology of Soulular Clarity gives people the tools to align and navigate life in a new way.

Karen & Fred have facilitated 3 powerful planetary group activations: Lake Titicaca in Peru, the Mancos Valley, Colorado, Langtang, Nepal. The trip to Egypt is the fourth group planetary event they have facilitated.


Karen Lovelien  & Fred Boshardt

Karen Lovelien, Source Code Activator
& Fred Boshardt, Spiritual Adventurer

Soulular Clarity is a unique technology that has become a way of life for Karen Lovelien & Fred Boshardt.  It is a way of creating a clear vibrational alignment with your true nature.  It is for this time on the planet, for we, individually and as a collective, are the means through which the global shift is now emerging.  The Soulular Clarity tools and practices that have been revealed through Karen & Fred provide a way of flowing forth into your original life purpose, your unique expression that was coded in the seed that was planted within you before you first emerged on this planet.

Over 25 years ago, Karen Lovelien experienced a sudden loss of the life she had known.  (Listen to the interview below for more details.)   In recognition that she did not know who she was or why she was here, Karen dropped into a profound surrender where her only prayer was, “Show me, teach me, use me.”  With that, the veil to other dimensions lifted and the journey that became the discovery of Soulular Clarity began.

About 15 years ago Karen met Fred Boshardt.  In addition to their own spiritual practice, Karen & Fred participated in a weekly group meditation practice, where the two of them began receiving information for creating a sustainable building system.  The bean to create in meditation in a unified field, i.e. “Wherever two or more are gathered in thy name…”  It is through this and all the practices of Soulular Clarity that they support each other in their individual paths, and their collective purpose has become a reality.

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in an interview with Dana Shino of the Purple Phoenix:

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